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Guay, F., Marcoux, M-M., Boulet, J., & Falardeau, E. (2018). La formation CASIS écriture : Une approche pédagogique centrée sur la motivation des élèves. Montréal : Chenelière Éducation. 


Présentation : 

L’approche CASIS en écriture vous propose d’inclure cinq pratiques pédagogiques dans votre enseignement pour augmenter la motivation scolaire de vos élèves :


C : Coopération


A : Activités signifiantes


S : Soutien à l’autonomie


I : Implication


S : Structuration


Les pratiques pédagogiques CASIS, basées sur des recherches menées dans de nombreuses classes du primaire, visent à satisfaire les besoins psychologiques de compétence, d’autonomie et d’appartenance sociale des élèves. Les différentes stratégies d’interventions, la vaste gamme d’activités, les exemples en classe et les nombreux outils reproductibles vous aideront à créer un environnement qui permettra à tous vos élèves de développer leur motivation et leur plein potentiel en écriture


Guay, F., McInernney, D., Marsh, H., Craven, R. (2017). Self: Driving positive psychology and well-beingCharlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 



Research on the Self relates to various phenomena including self-esteem, self-concept, self-verification, self-awareness, identity, self-efficacy, passion, self-determination, goals etc. that are predictive of optimal functioning and well-being. Such a research endeavor is consistent with the positive psychology movement focusing on the scientific study of what makes people psychologically healthy, happy, and satisfied in their lives, as well as on their strengths and virtues. The positive psychology movement cultivates a sensible approach to optimal human functioning and well-being in various life contexts. Chapters in this volume will illustrate some of the best of the research on the interplay between the self and positive psychology, to show the potential of this research for transforming our societies.


SELF – Driving Positive Psychology and Well-being thus provides a unique insight into self and its fundamental role for well-being. This volume is intended to develop both theoretical and methodological ideas and to present empirical evidence of various phenomenon important for well-being. The scope of the volume is thus very broad, and provides a framework for the development of the chapter as authors see most appropriate. 


Guay, F., McInernney, D., Marsh, H., Craven, R. (2015). Self-concept, motivation and identity: Underpinning success with research and practice. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.



Self-concept, motivation and identity: Underpinning success with research and practice provides a unique insight into self-concept and its relations to moti-vation and identity from varied theoretical and empirical perspectives. This volume is the fifth of a monograph series entitled “International advances in self research” that Herbert W. Marsh, Dennis M. McInerney, and Rhonda G. Craven started in 2000. In each edition, we have noted how this field of research is in a state of flux with numerous theoretical, methodological, and practical innovations. The aim of this fifth volume is therefore to propose both theoretical and methodological ideas and to present empirical evidence demonstrating the importance of SELF theory and research to guide effective practice. The scope of the volume is thus broad, and includes chapters covering different life contexts (interpersonal relation-ships, politics, education, vocational interests and choices, and health) and developmental periods (childhood, adolescence, adulthood). This volume will take the reader on a ground-breaking tour of various SELF components and explain why these components are important for behavioral health changes, academic achievement and learning, positive self-beliefs, moral convictions of politicians, identity development, career choices, relational difficulties, and self-regulated learning.



McInerney, D. M., Marsh, H. W., Craven, R. G., & Guay, F. (Eds.). (2013). Theory Driving Research: New Wave Perspectives On Self-Processes And Human Development. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.



Theory Driving Research: New wave perspectives on self-processes and human development provides a unique insight into self-processes from varied theoretical perspectives. The chapters in this volume develop avant-garde theoretical ideas to drive future, cutting-edge, empirical research and together, in one collected volume, make a valuable contribution to scholarly literature on self-processes. Among the themes covered are resurrecting the “I-self”, a re-look at the dichotomy between the I-self, and the Me-self based on James's analysis, the actualization of human potential, naturalizing and contextualizing the self, hypo-egoic states, personal proficiency networks, competition and performance relationships, achievement motivations, passion and optimal functioning in society, competence and self-worth threat, new interpretations of expectancy-value research, methodological advances in BFLPE research and multilevel models of student achievement motivation. This monograph, the fourth in the International Advances in Self Research monograph series, provides a wealth of information on new theorizing and provides a platform for generating the next wave of research designed to understand the fundamental role self-processes play in human development.